"Dragon & Me" Movie Project

Warning: Dragon's Wings - is a fully 3D VFX project. There is no real prototype.

From an early age, almost from the moment I started looking at pictures in books, still not knowing how to hold the book properly, I was hopelessly fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons.
For me, at that age, there was something magical, enchanting, inspiring primal awe in these mythical animals.
I will be 35 in a week. And for me, since then, nothing has changed. Magic and fairy tales still exist in my life, the only difference is that having chosen the profession of an artist more than 20 years ago, I can create a fairy tale by myself from time to time :) 

Dragon and me iguana dragon wings
Iguana with dragon wings
Iguana dragon hatching
Girl with dragon. Game of thrones dragon

Work In Progress

- ZBrush (3D Modeling)
- Mari, Substance (Texturing)
- Cinema 4D (Scene setup, rigging)
- Redshift (Render)
- AfterEffects, Photoshop (Compositing) 

More Magic Coming Soon! 

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