"Dragon and Me" Exclusive Handmade Reptile Jewelry

Please note:

Each piece of jewelry is a custom made to order object.
Each piece available in 18k Gold Plated Brass or Vintage Silver.
Necklace is not included.
It usually takes 10-12 days to produce + 2-5 days to deliver to your place.

All jewelry pieces are exclusive handmade designs by award-winning sculptor Alexey Kashpersky.  

Please contact me on shinytamerlan@gmail.com or DM on Instagram with your details and material selections to start the order.

Prices include shipping costs worldwide.
All items are also available "click to buy" on our instagram shop page.

draGon sign (Polished Brass) $90.00

Snake Jewelry Charm (Polished Sterling Silver) $110.00

Iguana Reptile Jewelry Charm (18k Gold Plated Brass) $90.00

Bearded Dragon Jewelry Charm (18k Gold Plated Brass) $90.00

Iguana Reptile Jewelry Charm (Antique Silver) $110.00

Snake Jewelry Charm (18k Gold Plated Brass) $100.00

Interested in collaboration with Dragon and Me?

Please contact shinytamerlan@gmail.com to get more information and discuss details.