"Dragon and Me" Exclusive Handmade Reptile Jewelry

Please note:

Each piece of jewelry is a custom made to order object.
Each piece available in 18k Gold Plated Brass or Vintage Silver.
Necklace is not included.
It usually takes 10-12 days to produce + 2-5 days to deliver to your place.

Please contact me on shinytamerlan@gmail.com or DM on Instagram with your details and material selections to start the order.

Prices include shipping costs worldwide.

All jewelry pieces are exclusive handmade designs by award-winning sculptor Alexey Kashpersky.  

Snake Jewelry Charm (Polished Sterling Silver) $178.00

Iguana Reptile Jewelry Charm (18k Gold Plated Brass) $167.00

Bearded Dragon Jewelry Charm (18k Gold Plated Brass) $168.00

Iguana Reptile Jewelry Charm (Antique Silver) $170.00

Snake Jewelry Charm (18k Gold Plated Brass) $172.00

Interested in collaboration with Dragon and Me?

Please contact shinytamerlan@gmail.com to get more information and discuss details.