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Dragon & Me

Welcome to the website of @dragon.and.me, wanderer!

My name is
Tamerlan, and I am an Albino Supercrimson Iguana. I am one of the most rare artificially created iguana morphs.
I hatched June 2018 and was born blind because of an albinism.
My dad, Alexey Kashpersky is the Creative Director at Newt Studios, medical animation.
2 years ago we started our journey by creating an Instagram account called "Dragon and Me" and during this time we have grown into a huge community with over one hundred thousand dedicated dragon-lovers and friends.
Our goal is to educate people, share rays of positive emotions, inspire with nature's incomparable beauty and never stop being creative along our journey.
While we treat our old friends with care and
love, we are always happy to meet new people and are SO much open to new, brave and positive initiatives! :)

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Press & Events

In this section you'll find most recent modeling works and event appearances by Dragon and Me.

"Dragon and Me" interviewed by Power of Positivity - online community with over 33mil members.

2021 / Los Angeles
So excited to take you behind the scenes of "Dragon and Me" shoot with Netflix in anticipation of their new film, BACK TO THE OUTBACK!

2021 / New York
What a wonderful and exciting experience! "Dragon and Me" was invited to New York Fashion Week 2021 as a guest model!

2021 / New York
Modeling for the 2021 Louis Vuitton Prize winner - KidSuper clothing brand.
Collaboration with
Vogue photographer Bella Newman for Cero Magazine.



From an early age, almost from the moment I started looking at pictures in books, still not knowing how to hold the book properly, I was hopelessly fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons.

For me, at that age, there was something magical, enchanting, inspiring primal awe in these mythical animals.

I will be 35 in a week. And for me, since then, nothing has changed. Magic and fairy tales still exist in my life, the only difference is that having chosen the profession of an artist more than 20 years ago, I can create a fairy tale by myself from time to time :)

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Dragon's Wings - is a fully 3D VFX project. To learn more about it please follow this link.


All jewelry pieces are exclusive handmade designs by award-winning sculptor Alexey Kashpersky.
Available in 18k Gold Plated Brass or Vintage Silver.
Link to online shop.


Dragon and Me - NFT's

NFT stands for non-fungible token – a digital token that's a type of cryptocurrency, much like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But unlike a standard coin in the Bitcoin blockchain, an NFT is unique and can't be exchanged like-for-like (hence, non-fungible).

Edition of 1. Reserve Price - 1 ETH.
Auction is up for bidding.

Edition of 10. Reserve Price - 0.15 ETH.
Auction is up for bidding.

“Dragon and Me” collection. Token #3

Coming up next after Token #1 is sold.

Interested in collaboration with Dragon and Me?

We are located in New York and open for travel. Please contact shinytamerlan@gmail.com to get more information and discuss details.