Tam and Domini

Collaboration with Czech PlayBoy model Dominika Jandlová. Bodypainting by Elena Kashperska 

I met Dominika “virtually” approximately 17 years ago.
That time I did a lot of fantasy-style 3D artworks which praised the beauty of the human body. I used her photos from internet as a references for my sculptures. Way back in time. The time I did not even had a slight idea that some day I will move to US.
Years went ahead. I switched from fantasy artworks to scientific, medical and microbiology illustrations. Soon I won an international scientific art contest and got a job offer from company in US. That’s how I moved here from Ukraine. I was also doing some figure photography and one day saw the announcement in our NYC photo community that some famous international model is coming to US! I was sooo surprised to recognize Domini on the photo :) That was the time we met in person… who could imagine!

Later, the first year after I got baby Tam, Domini came to NYC again and texted me. I asked - Aren't you afraid of reptiles? And she said -Not at all! I love all animals! And I have a rescue turtle at home :))
That’s how we arranged this wonderful photo-session 2 years ago. My wife did the whole bodypainting work. Btw, If you are interested-you can scroll down in my feed for much more photos from this photoset. Hope you enjoy some behind the scenes story :) 

Thank you for watching! :)